Sweat and metal at Café Dekcuf

28 Nov

Friday night in the Byward Market had some metal in the mix, as six bands came together to rock the stage at Café Dekcuf. Those below at the neighbouring bar, Mavericks, must have heard the heavy bass and guitar shreds emanating from the metal show above.

The bands that played were On Burning Shores, This Deathvalley, Royal Rumble, Stortini, Against all Odds, and I Now Walk into the Wild. The show started early with doors opening at six o’clock and music blasting until 11.

The venue was small, and the music was piercing the ears all around the tiny room. There wasn’t much room on the stage for all the band members, but they found a way to work with it. The lead singer of Against All Odds didn’t even use the stage much, but frolicked around the room screaming wildly at bystanders, with the microphone cord wrapped around the back of his neck.

The amount of energy in the small space didn’t seem to always match the crowd. Some people stood silent, while others hit the floor hard, stomping their feet and swinging their arms violently. What was pretty clear was that the bands were having fun, sweating it out and pumping up the crowd.

Kevin LeClair, guitarist of Against All Odds, says that he always enjoys playing in Ottawa. “The show went great overall, we got to play with some awesome local bands and make some new friends,” he says. “Ottawa is an incredible place to play because people really care about the music scene.”


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